Tooth Grinding / TMJ Treatment

People who regularly grind their teeth at night can sometimes develop a serious problem with their jaw, which left untreated, can adversely affect the teeth, gums and bone structures of the mouth.

One of the most common jaw disorders is related to a problem with the temporomandibular joint, the joint that connects your lower jaw to your skull, and allows your upper and lower jaw to open and close and facilitates chewing and speaking.  People with temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD) often have a clicking or popping sound when opening and closing their mouths. Such disorders are often accompanied by frequent headaches, neck aches, and in some cases, tooth sensitivity.

Some treatments for TMD include holistic stress reduction, muscle relaxants, aspirin, biofeedback, or wearing a small rubber bite guard appliance in the mouth during sleep for a period of time.
Minor cases of TMD involve discomfort or pain in the jaw muscles. More serious conditions involve improperly aligned joints or dislocated jaws. The most extreme form of TMD involves an arthritic condition of the jaw joint. Traumatic injuries also can cause jaw dislocation.  In the more extreme cases a night ‘bite guard’ appliance may be advised for extended periods.

Reconstruction of excess wear and chipping of enamel:

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Full mouth restoration is in fact a combination of various separate procedures like composite dental bonding, veneers or crowning, teeth whitening, etc. to recreate the perfect set of teeth. The combined effect will reduce any tension in the jaw and neck and make a more comfortable bite.  If you are looking for a total dental makeover, full mouth restoration is your one stop solution.

The process may require models to be taken, which are sent for lab reconstruction of the worn teeth to the ideal bite and shape. this can be reproduced in the mouth before ordering the final ceramic work required when comfortable with the shape and appearance.

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