Invisalign Invisible Braces

If you need straighter teeth but don’t want to put up with ugly metal wires that cut through your mouth, come to Surry Hills Dental Care. We can provide you with invisible braces, which are easy to manage and nobody will ever notice the fact that you have braces!

Invisalign® invisible braces are far cry from the traditional braces that hurt your gums and are several times the reason for tooth decay and other problems. Surry Hills Dental Care  is certified to provide Invisalign invisible braces.

Invisalign takes the experience of wearing braces to the next level. They cause less pain to wear, compared to the traditional dental braces. They are nearly completely transparent, and because they grip the teeth from more than one small point, the treatment times are often drastically reduced as compared with wire braces. Being removable, they offer greater ease of handling. You can remove them as you eat or clean your teeth to prevent the gum recession often seen where wire braces are used on adults.

To make a set of Invisalign® invisible braces that fit you perfectly, we will take dental impressions, x-rays and photographs of your teeth. With the help of digital alignment design software which can be viewed before fabrication, the set of aligners are fabricated and ready to bring a radiant smile on your face!

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