Loss of a tooth or a pair of consecutive teeth can cause more harm than just bad looks. Missing teeth can cause difficulty in speech and chewing and even spoil the aesthetic ratio of the face. Not to mention, spaces around teeth makes them extra vulnerable to gum recession and tooth decay. The extra biting stresses are transferred to the nearby teeth which may become more prone to cracks or wear.

Gaps between teeth can be corrected by a “screw in implant” in the jaw or a simple procedure to bond dental bridges.

Dental bridges literally ‘bridge’ the gap between teeth. This is done by replacing the missing teeth with a strong, artificial tooth. This artificial tooth is placed between two crowns or portional crowns. Together, they make a ‘bridge’. These artificial teeth are natural looking and will give the appearance of a perfectly healthy set of teeth. Moreover, our doctors will ensure that the color of the artificial teeth is same as the rest of your teeth.
Dental bridges will restore your smile, and ease the process of chewing and speaking. Installing them will also prevent other teeth from losing their alignment. They can last for a long time provided proper oral hygiene is maintained. It is a semi-permanent and can be removed by the dentist if need arises.

Surry Hills Dental Care will require just a couple sittings with you to bring back your smile.

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